American Universities International Programs (AUIP) offers the highest quality study abroad programs at the lowest costs available. We are academics who understand American students' needs, from transferring credit to living in another country. Our staff members have years of experience working with college students and designing international programs that cater to the personal interests, daily needs, and academic goals of our participants.

For over 30 years, AUIP has been providing programs that combine rigorous academic study with opportunities for experiential learning outside of the classroom. By combining study at prestigious universities around the world with field and community based activities, AUIP offers students unique ways to explore the culture and natural environments of the country they are visiting. AUIP offers an ideal combination of outstanding academic quality, true cultural immersion, extensive extracurricular and leisure activities, and the social opportunities of a university environment.

The mission of AUIP is to nurture and foster a global citizenry that respects the diverse cultures and environments of the world in which we live. More specifically, we hope that students who participate in programs with AUIP are better prepared to use this global knowledge in their home community with both short-term and long-term implications. By forming a consortium of institutions we are looking to create a learning environment that:

  • Emphasizes a global knowledge, connectivity, and understanding of human - environment interactions (from multiple disciplines and geo-cultural perspectives),
  • Promotes service-learning opportunities and student peer-learning,
  • Encourages faculty-student interactions, and
  • Supports faculty collaboration and networking.

The goals of the programs are to facilitate students' development of an integrated, holistic understanding of the social and natural context of sustainable natural resource conservation. We coordinate faculty from the sending institutions with that of local experts who understand the region, and we integrate field-based, experiential learning with more standard forms of classroom instruction. No prior knowledge of the subject areas or environmental issues is assumed, and the courses and programs are suitable for all undergraduate students.