Do I need any immunizations?

Generally speaking, you do not need vaccinations for Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. However, You should visit the Center for Disease Control website for the most detailed information.

How can I get money while in another country?

The easiest and most efficient way to get money while in another country is with your ATM/debit card. Most cities have ATM machines and banks. Be sure to contact your bank and see about international agreements so you are not charged high fees. It is also better to not use your credit card for advances because these carry high charges as well.

How can my family reach me while overseas?

Once you are overseas, it will always be much easier for you to reach your family than for them to reach you, particularly on the short programs that involve lots of traveling). A list of in-country contacts can be found in the TAMU South Pacific Study Abroad Program Handbook. In all large cities, internet cafes and phone services are readily available.

What sort of accommodation will we be staying in?

Students in the short programs in Australia, NZ, and Fiji stay in comfortable hostels and sometimes hotels/motels in the larger cities. All accommodation is safe, secure and clean, but you should be comfortable sharing rooms with other students. Occasionally, you might camp or stay in more rustic accommodations for a night or two. Students are in village homestays for several nights in Fiji.

Can I participate and get credit for the Fiji component separately?

Yes you can!